Underwriting FAQs

Sort through our list of underwriting questions to find the answers you need. Simply click on a question to view the response from our underwriting team. To submit your own question, complete the Underwriting FAQ form and our team will respond to your inquiry by email.

  1. I know that lenders protect their interests when providing funds to home buyers by obtaining a loan policy of title insurance. Does this policy cover any of my interest or equity?
  2. If I do not have title insurance what can happen ?
  3. If I were to lose my property because someone successfully claims right to it, would I still have to pay off my mortgage note?
  4. Even if I have no title insurance, the equity I have built up in my house cannot be affected. It is always mine, right?
  5. If I purchase title insurance, what can I expect?
  6. How can there be a title defect if the title has been searched and a loan policy issued?
  7. What does title insurance cost?
  8. How is title insurance paid for?
  9. Is there a limit to how long title insurance lasts?

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