Accounting Guidelines

Review the following material to learn how you can comply with the new accounting guidelines.
Comprehensive Conveyancing Software:
Learn how to optimize specific software to comply with the new guidelines.
  • DisplaySoft Trust Account It - Read the program description for the Trust Account module, which is designed to manage your Real Estate Trust or Escrow Account.

  • Standard Conveyancer - Instructions for implementing three-way reconciliation with Standard Conveyancer and Quicken.

  • GenX2005 - Check writing is handled through a third party, Escrow Account Service. The check writing module, which is an interface with Quicken, includes training, a year of support for check writing and the first month of reconciliation. With rule 115 coming into affect in July ProDocs finds that the training is very necessary. It is also important that Quicken be set up properly. ProDocs recommends that posting instructions for the check writing may give a false sense of security for this procedure. That is reason the check writing module is only sold with training.

  • ProTrust Reconciliation (from the SoftPro for Windows Training Guide)

  • QuickBooks Reconciliation

  • Quicken Reconciliation

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